Your moment.

You were more and more to ask about a personalised shooting from above of you surfing, paddling or doing any kind of outdoor activities! So I've decided to create an offer that could match all of that!

The format

After determining what you would like to do and shoot, it's easy. Depending on the weather conditions, we find 1-2 hours to do the shooting in the Sydney area. Most of the time, I will probably ask to shoot around the sunrise or the sunset (the blue and golden hours are the best, by far)

The results

Following the shooting, I will sort, order and edit the 10-15 best photos and send them to you in the highest resolution possible. Obviously I can also arrange the printing and framing of any of these photos.

The prices

The photo shoot experience starts at 250$.

Any photos, frames or prints can be arranged as we go! And obviously I will apply discounts on any of those after a shooting! 🤙

Some footage after a shooting with the "rock" aka Candice Warner in Bondi beach